föstudagur, maí 13, 2005

Tölvuleikjamarkaðurinn er að missa af stórum hópi viðskiptavina

Tekið af Misbehaving.net:

Plenty of women gamers

A report from Nielson Entertainment today offers fresh evidence that the games industry is missing a trick by focusing so heavily on the young male gamer. The benchmark study on interactive entertainment found that 39% of gamers are female and that nearly 24% of all gamers are over the age of 40. (Nearly one-quarter of female gamers are aged 13-17, with almost 20 percent aged 25-34 and an additional 19 percent ranging from 35-44.)

The report also confirms that women are more social players:

Overall, active gamers typically spend approximately 5.2 hours playing by themselves with a large proportion also being spent playing socially (3.07 hours per week with friends and family or online). Among females, the split between solo and social game play is even more equitable with younger females 13-17 tending to play more with friends or family (54% of the time) and women 25-34 playing almost as much socially as alone. Males and females 45 and older are markedly different, spending almost all their time (79%) playing alone.

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